Countryside Beaker

Countryside Beaker

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This silver tumbler has been carefully hand cut, there is an extreme amount if detail on this piece, featuring scenes from the great British countryside summer season that Jen is constantly inspired by. 

When Jen was designing the shape of the beaker, she wanted to incorporate the idea of a traditional smaller base beaker gradually widening which is in the bottom part of the beaker, but she has then slightly tapered the beaker inwards from where the scene sits. So you have full view of the scene while it is sat on a table as it is slightly angled toward the viewer rather than slightly downwards. Jen wanted this design to be original and contemporary where the piercing work is displayed in the best way possible. The idea of extra hidden detail inside the beaker is something special for the user which they will only see while drinking from the vessel and the base would be only displayed when the beaker is being drunk from.

She began her design with a hand drawing and used it as a template to hand cut her design from silver. 

For more information on the piece please contact Jen directly and she will be happy to help. This beaker is available to commission with your very own personalised scene and detail.